Mar 11, 2012


Yes, I'm on Facebook, and I'm scared! YICKS!!! It's like being at a HUUUGGGGEEEE party and EVERYONE is talking at the same time and you don't knowwhichconversationtolistentoand yougetconfusedandtalkgibberish and hopenoonenoticeswhenyougooutsideto vomit up your frustration because frankly your brain just can't do it. Just can't. After 15 minutes I had to log out with tears in my eyes. Yuck!

I'm really a one-on-one person. Let me give you my undivided attention, I'm a great listener.


  1. lol! Give it a chance... You will get accustomed to it!

  2. LOL!! Need a brown paper bag? ((Hugs))it gets easier. I have a list where I have my close friends listed, and then I don't get so overwhelmed. Its great for lazy days ;) It was nice to see you there anyway ;) Hugs XXXX

  3. Biggest problem with Facebook is that you really have to watch the time. I've spent ENTIRE DAYS looking at everyone's posts and then had NO idea where the time went! :)
    Glad to see you there though!

  4. Thank you, ladies! Yes, I need that paper bag! I think I'll have to limit my Facebook time carefully, it's too overwhelming with too many tangents to get lost following... Just type in "Halloween" and watch out!!