Apr 7, 2013

Colors of Spring!

I bought my first quilling paper!  Look at those colors!!!  Since I can cut my own white and black, I went with there options, I think the red-orange-yellow pack will be great for Day of the Dead skulls!  (I got these from Gramma B's.) 

And while I have your ear, here are two recipes that I thought you'd enjoy. 
We haven't tried this yet but since Mom loves cauliflower and the spices sound great, we'll do it soon.  Beautiful colors...

And this one is VERY yummy and quite easy; if there's only 2-3 of you, follow my alterations to the amounts unless you love lots of leftovers.  (Speaking of which, great recipe for leftover turkey.)  Gorgeous yellow!  If you add some turmeric, you'll get an even sharper yellow, and nice flavour.

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