Apr 15, 2013

Open doors

I think art is about storytelling.  When you fall in love with a piece of art, it's because it's part of your story.  Not necessarily part of your life-story, but perhaps what you want to be, dream about or how you see the world.  It resonates with your inner story. 

  I was smart enough to read the local free paper on Friday and spot an article about an art show hosted in a Bed and Breakfast and made a point to go.  Because it was in a B&B, I knew Mom would be willing since she loves to see older, century homes so I didn't have to worry about the contents of the show:  Mom would be pleased either way.  So on Sunday we went and WOW!!!  The Bed and Breakfast owner, Kim Hedge, turned her Grandville Manor into an art gallery and the arts could not be blessed with a more welcoming patron!!   Some people have a natural ease and although Kim professes that she is not an artist, she certainly makes an art of hosting such an event and making everyone feel welcome (and, as you know I'm an introvert, this is keenly felt and appreciated).
  And the art?  Diverse, unique, affordable, expensive, fun, strange, inspiring!  And for one piece, it was instant for me:  I wanted it the moment I saw it  (although I had to be sure I could give it a really good spot before saying an absolute yes).  "Patience" by Amy Roger is a beautiful painting, the photo here doesn't do it justice, and it's now on my wall! 

 And, if my sister likes the "Cookie Spa" by artist Tara Dickson as much as I think she will, I may have done some very early "Christmas" shopping!

And the icing on the cake?  Kim took the time to flip through my photo book of soft sculpture critters and a few may just be spending the summer at her B&B!!   I would be so honored!!!


  1. I just love this line..."When you fall in love with a piece of art, it's because it's part of your story"

  2. So is part of your story soaking in a hot chocolate bath, enrobed in milky steam and relaxing away your worries?