Apr 28, 2013

Oakville doll show!

What a great day!  Mom and I spent our Sunday taking part in the Greater Toronto Doll Show in Oakville, ON, and everything went really well!  Okay, I could have had a few more sales (or at least one juicy big one) but we had a really nice time seeing a lot of friendly and familiar faces and enjoying the energy in the room.

I took this mini film just before the doors opened, so you can get a sense of the room and the impressive quantity of things in it, with over 40 vendors sharing their treats!
Here's my table!  The backdrop gives us a bit of privacy and the folding wooden tables made the perfect risers for my girls!  Mom made fitted cork-board plates so that under 4 of the tables another critter could comfortably sit, thanks Mom!
And then the room filled!  The corridors were a bit narrow but all in all the show was excellently organized and very comfortable. 

We got a lot of sincere complements and oohs and ahhhs!  Over-hearing other vendors, it sounds like it was a good show for many!  Three of my mini hedgehogs found new homes, so that was nice (thank you Elizabeth, Nancy and Sharrie!), and I brought home 3 new wigs and brown eyelashes to make more ladies!  

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