Mar 11, 2016

Embrace the light

It was an odd fact, but for some reason one of the ceiling fixtures in our parlour had been removed and the box papered over.  This made the half of the parlour closer to the windows very dim in the evenings and, while our table lamps were good for reading, the area was poorly lit for social gatherings, pleasant chats with wine glasses in hand.  So the hunt was on...

...and the box was found!

Then we travelled to Guelph and Chatelaine Lighting with the hopes of finding an appropriate fixture.  This small but absolutely filled shop was overwhelming with options so we were very fortunate when Mom spotted just the thing!  This is a Wilton Three Light Chandelier by Kichler.

Installed it looks like it has always been there!

A big thanks and round of applause to our electrician Brock Richardson of Fergus Electric (519-843-3560).  Without him, this multi-step job would have taken us days... for him it was a matter of maybe an hour, start to finish.  (Plus he did an awesome job in our basement!)  

  Now, with the new window stops (thank you so much Drew!) installed over Christmas, new quarter rounds in the bay window area and trim paint cleaned-up (as much as we could, there's wall paper under there!), our parlour is elegantly comfy cozy!    

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