Mar 7, 2016

The Meadow in Spring

Well, it's not Spring yet but the weather is certainly not wintery any more.  With above freezing temperatures overnight and predicted rain, our snow will all be gone very soon and snow drops are peaking out of the slush.
   We took a break from the larger renovations to do some "detail" work on our Meadow room.  A touch of elegance was added:  we found mist green tie-back tassels and pewter colored boxing hooks (both by Canadian Drapery Hardware) at Len's Mill and this little bit of accessorizing made the sitting area look quite classy.  

Then, at Market Roads Antiques in St. Jacobs, we found a shelf that we mounted just under the mirror:  the two pieces match almost perfectly!  The added convenience I'm sure will be appreciated by all our guests, because you always bring more toiletries than you can find space for. Notice also the small acrylic container on the wood shelf:  it has Q-tips, cotton swabs and cotton balls in it, for easier make-up removal and perhaps to spare our face cloths.  Each room now has one of these containers.  

And there was a nice push for Elora in this article, concerning my favorite season:

14 Ontario Towns Bursting With Fall Charm

"With its stunning natural beauty and small-town charm, Elora is a multi-sensory pleaser. Featuring 80-foot limestone cliffs and two majestic rivers, the Elora Gorge is breathtaking and unforgettable, especially in autumn. And if the finer things in life are what you seek, the downtown village offers plenty of ways to indulge."  

Read the rest by clicking on the title.

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