Mar 27, 2016

Easter under ice.

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Mother Nature once again proved she is all powerful as we were walloped with an ice rain that altered all weekend plans. On Friday we were all set to receive our guests, but felt it prudent to warn them of the potential for another blackout: we were dark Thursday night from about 8:40pm to about 1:30am. Others fared much worse and as I type folks are still without hydro.

Across the street, a fairly typical bit of damage:  branches as large as my forearm littered the ground everywhere, with the occasional larger branch and in some cases trees looked like a giant had stepped on them, folding down and snapping most of the branches.  

Here are some photos from our yard:

Along the sidewalk.

Our cedars were not happy (but they all recovered).

Willow was not happy either, the tension in the air and the lights flickering had her hiding under the kitchen table... but on her back so she couldn't have been too upset.

Snowdrops under ice.

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