Mar 20, 2016

Oh happy day!

For the first time in this house and the first time since spring 2014 I quilled!  Yes, we were absolutely determined to take a day and do our version of "nothing" after a hectic March Break at the Library and a Friday-Saturday of renovations.  Sunday was OURS and it started with a lovely walk along the Grand River listening to the chorus of birds... Willow had a lovely time.  Then, after lunch, I went to my studio desk and took out all my quilling supplies and tools.  Mom played with her plants, repotting and helping them out as needed.  Our tired Willow blissfully slept.

I am still very much a beginner so I chose a simple tulip to remind myself of all the options and techniques.  
Here's the start, pinning the basic shape and outline.

I had been dreaming of getting into all the papers I bought at Michaels... a real rainbow!  I get happy just looking at the colors!  While the pre-cut quilling strips you can buy are certainly perfect in width and of a lighter weight stock, you can cut your own strips from regular cardstock.  As a beginner, this is a lot cheaper!   

And, in the end, here is my tulip: 

Happy Spring!

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