Jan 4, 2011


Yesterday I tried the head again, a bit larger, and this time it worked! Yippy! I then went ahead and cut out the rest of the paper pattern pieces, pinned and cut out all the mohair parts, and did most of the trimming (which is a necessary step for nice, seamless seams especially for the darts).

Today I finished the trimming and vacuumed the whole house, a necessaary step to suck up all that fine, loose mohair! That's about all... now it's off to work for the next 5 days. Knowing myself, I won't plan to accomplish anything on my bear as I usually come home too tired to do anything creative, although I do *HOPE* to do some prep work, needed before the parts are run through the sewing machine.

And what name will this lovely madame take? Fiona! In the Spring 2008 issue of Greater Paris, Fiona Notaras was interviewed about her occupation as a Moulin Rouge dancer. Here's her picture, note the red beads! So I thought it would be neat to name my dancing girl after this talented woman.

(If you are Ms. Notaras and would prefer that I do not use your name, please simply let me know!)

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  1. Hello, i am Fiona from the Moulin rouge and somebody saw your page a few days ago and i must admit that i whas suprised to see my picture. You are normaly not aloud to put it ther because of its the priority of the moulin rouge so if you could take it away, it ll be nice (if not i ll have to tell the moulin its there).
    But my name is a comon name and i can't say anything about it.
    Thank you for your comprehension.