Jan 22, 2011


What a great day! First off, I started on Fiona's arms, wiring them and then referring to the Moulin Rouge pamphlet concerning her finger nails. Surprisingly, the ladies have relatively short and unpainted nails! Perhaps this is because of the frequent costume changes? So I selected a pale pink for the bear's claws.

And Willow? She's doing great, with the bandages off. You can't beat this view from my chair in the studio!

After lunch, I felt it was the right time to try Fiona's nose and Wow! It's always a surprise for me when a nose turns out nice on the first try! Noses are so tricky... Her's became a very classic shape on her rather pointed snout, very fitting for her character. Then she got her red-lipsticked lips and brown eyes, just like her namesake. While she's not ready for her close-up yet, here are all the body parts, almost ready for assembly! (There are two sets of ears because I'm not sure of the size so I made a smaller pair just in case and painted the inner ears all in one shot.)

Hey! Looks like she's ready to dance!

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