Jan 2, 2011

Trial and error

Yesterday I did manage to finally decide on a fabric! After going through the studio closet crammed with brilliantly beautiful, creamy soft mohairs and synthetics, I laid out 5 options on the floor and put the accessories on top... Mom and I both agreed the swirly, cream mohair was elegant, a good color, not too dense and of a short enough pile to work for the costume. I also found a cream fabric to make the "bathing suit" part of her costume which almost matches the fur, for that nearly-nude look the poster teases! Finally, I'm choosing to use red velvet for the armlets... much easier to work with than the satin fabric in the poster.

While laying out the beads, though, I realized I didn't have nearly enough, so today after lunch we scooted out to the DollarStore. Sadly, there weren't enough of the pale beads, so Mom suggested that the red and black would work. She's right, since I'm already introducing black feathers. So here is a picture of all the elements!

My goal today was to try the head pattern, made smaller than my usual dressed bear, to see if it would be the right size for the wig. Sadly, it's a bit too small, as you can see. So I enlarged the pattern and plan to try again tomorrow! Baby steps! But steps none the less!

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