Jan 15, 2011

Getting back on track

Ah well, I started out so productive! Now, 9 days later and I haven't hardly sewn a stitch.

I had a stomach bug and my sweet baby Willow, from a walk in the woods, has an inbedded splinter in her left front paw! Ouch! Antibiotics, pain killers and we're trying to get the splinter moving with a honey compress. It's part of a thorn deep in her paw and the vet says it will probably emerge on the upper side of her foot... wow! But what can you do, you can't live in a box...

Lots of little house projects have been completed: new smoke/CO detector, dusting, reorganized drawers... And finally I finished putting our vacation photos from Italy in albums! That's a feat!

And while going through the photos, I re-discovered what I also want to create: a monster/winged demon that we saw in St. Peter's Basilica, (yup, the one in Rome)! Just too cute, this wee fellow was being crushed underneath some dead Pope... I can see him coming to life in a short pile, maybe suede, with lots of needle sculpting/folds around the face, hugh clawed hands and taxidermy eyes... hmmm...

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