Jan 21, 2011

It's Friday!

Yippy! I'm looking forward to working on Fiona tomorrow, all the machine sewing is done and most of the hand sewing! I could even attempt to do her face tomorrow!

Willow is doing great, the stitches and cut look good and she's almost back to her old self, as you can see in the photo. To keep an eye on her, she'll be helping in the studio while I work on Fiona!

By the way, here's one of the cuts and 8-9 stitches... I still can't imagine how much that hurt!

In other news, we booked our flight and transportation to the May 2011 Convention, so we're ready to fly! For the 2 of us, with all the taxes and insurance, it's about $1500... about as bad as I thought it would be. But it's a direct flight, and the times are good.

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