Mar 18, 2013

A sense of wonder

Today I was interviewed by writer Maureen Argon for the magazine Start Stratford.  She came to the house around 10:30 and left 3 hours later, and I've never had time fly so fast!  (We did have apple crisp and coffee to keep us comfortable.)  What a natural storyteller, Maureen has a flowing ease with words and an imagination to match that effortlessly weaves together tales to enchant her two young children, and anyone in earshot!  It was a very grounding morning...
  It's not often that we stop living our daily routine and ask the big questions:  why am I doing what I'm doing?  What beliefs inspire me and give me direction?  What makes me me?
I was reminded how important Jim Henson was to my early ideas and how gifts like a first edition copy (yes I'm that old) from my grandmother of Faeries by Brian Froud created the basis of my beliefs in what's obviously real to me:  nature spirits and faeries, goblins and ghosts (thank you, Dodo, for the ghosts), a world of beautiful and dangerous creatures where you can't possibly know all the rules but there is an underlying sense of karmic justice.  Often I revisit Bill Peet's books at the Library, his characters having colored my childhood and just as real to me as old friends. 

Creativity is a gift and I hope I have the courage to really embrace it and create!  I'm hoping to keep this day alive and remember to take risks, believe and do something truly wonder-full!

Thank you, Maureen!

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