Mar 5, 2013

Catfish on the menu

So this is how far the catfish is now:  I spent a long time sewing the feet on and doing her claws, same variegated blue/purple as her hands.  Before the claws could be done, I had to wire the legs and feet, so she can stand on her own, and the claw stitches hold the wire in place to some degree (the wire is pretty stiff, it doesn't need much help).
Then I started in on the mermaid head piece experiment:  the base is paper mach√© with the pins making holes for where the fin-shaped fabric will be attached.  I've never done this before so I have no idea if it will work but I need something very light-weight to which all the seaweed, shells, etc... can be attached.  It's drying now...

She hasn't named herself yet but Salina has come to mind, as has Felidae, Catia and Calica.  Any suggestions?

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