Mar 17, 2013

Stickpins in a voodoo doll might work better...

Still working on the Pinterest thing, so here are some tidbits from the book Pinterest Power

-the best times to pin in order to be seen and get repinned are between 2:00 to 4:00pm and between 8:00 to 1:00am EST
-Saturday is the best day, Wednesday is 2nd best
-some say Saturday morning is the best time of all

How to improve traffic on your Pinterest page?  Try talking about it on Facebook, post about it on your blog or website, add the red "Pin It" buttons (like on the bottom of every blog post) and "Pinterest" button on your pages, and include your Pinterest profile on any advertising.  Also, when some one repins one of your images, return the favour: check them out and see if you'd like to repin or follow them. 

Very important bits: 

Be sure to LABEL/describe your pins with good keywords so people can find them!

Label/describe your boards well, and categorize them properly.  Also, be clear about what your boards are all about so followers know what to expect.

Let your social media followers know you're on Pinterest and that it's a great way to see your ideas and images.

Use watermarks on your images so links back to you can't be lost.

Use giveaways/contests to increase exposure.

Pinterest is free:  use it to promote yourself.  (They don't mention it's a time guzzler, so it's not really "free"!)

Create images specifically for Pinterest: lists, how-tos, do-it-yourself, recipes, before and after images are the 5 most pin-able content subjects.

Finally, if you're posting something that you're selling, include the price in the description and it automatically appears as a ribbon on the left of the photo.  Also, the image will be included in the "Gifts" category, check it out!

So, that's what I learned.  Please take a peak at the super-cool images I've organized on my boards and join me on my quest to be repinned! 

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