Mar 1, 2013

Pinned! And our tail-wagging total!

Did you know that you can see what's been pinned from YOUR website?  Yes, you can!  I stumbled upon this accidentally and it's really neat!  So, in my case, it's and there you can see that it's my Paris photos that are of the most interest.  Too bad, no one (except me!) has pinned any of my critters.  Another example: this blog would be (and I'm the only one pinning from here). 

The "social" part of social media is kinda flopping for me so far...

In other news... we raised $320.00 for National Cupcake Day!!!  WOW!  Yes, celebrating it over two days was definitely a good idea, as we had two glorious spreads of sweets!  Five people did the baking, thank you so much Cathy, Robyn, Ruth and Kate for joining in!  On Friday I delivered the money and spoke with our Humane Society's new branch manager, who seemed super-nice... See the lovely thank you on their website.  And what will 2014 bring? 

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