Feb 28, 2013

My social media "universe"

"When not used efficiently and within an overall marketing plan, they [social media options] turn into time vampires, dementedly sucking away precious hours that otherwise could actually be spent on running your business.  The key is to use only those platforms that lead you most effectively to your end goal:  creating an emotional connection with your followers that will lead to sales." ... "What you don't want to do is stretch yourself too thin within the social media world.  It's better to go with fewer and run deep.... it's better to run two or three well, rather than miss out on opportunities through lack of an engaged and active presence."  p.80, Pinterest Power by Jason Miles and Karen Lacey. 

So the book recommends setting up your social media "universe".  Your website is at the center, your sun.  Then you place your other online sites around this sun:  your blog is close to the sun, your etsy site.  Then you place your Facebook, Pinterest, flickr, etc..., their distance to the sun indicating their importance to you.  Of course, you can change your universe, but this gives you a visual map of where you're active and, more importantly, which should have priority.  So if you've decided Pinterest is important, place it close to your sun and if Facebook is placed far from your sun don't waste your precious time poking around on there, focus on Pinterest. 

Makes sense, so I've mapped out my universe and am going to create a rough schedule to most effectively use the world wide web!

Or else your social world will become a cupcake full of maggots!  Like those in this picture, included in my "Halloween Fun" folder on my Pinterest page!

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