Feb 3, 2013

Quilling 101

February is here!  And we had lovely snow and frost-tinselled branches!  I love winter when it's like this:  -10C and sunny.

And indoors I've decided to try something new: quilling.  When you're "stuck" in your usual creative medium, it's supposed to help to shift gears and try something new.  Quilling has lots of advantages over soft sculpture, the biggest being you're allowed to screw up!  So what if you end up throwing away a few strips of paper; not so when you're working with mohair that cost you between $100 and $300/yd!!! 
I remember quilling LLOONNGG ago when I was about 12 years old, so when I spotted this book Thrilling Quilling by Elizabeth Moad I was drawn to it and thought I'd like to try my hand at it again.  My first project?  A flower? No.  A snowflake?  No. 
A bat! 
Not bad for a first try... it would be nice to make some as ornaments for Hallowe'en or even Xmas trees. 

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