Feb 20, 2013

Eat shit! Please?

Ask a Hallowe'ener to make cupcakes and what do you get:  What Doggies Doo-Doo!

These cupcakes were created for the 2013 National Cupcake Day on February 25th to raise money for the SPCA.  They are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips and chocolate ganache centers, smothered under a cream cheese frosting of "grass" and topped each with a doggie doo-doo... because that's life!  Made with Camino fair trade cocoa powder, to make them even nicer!  I'm selling them at work for $2.00 a piece, all of which goes to the SPCA.

So, are they neat?  Gross?  I've entered them on the Facebook contest so please check out all the entries and vote for your favorite! (You can only vote once.) Can you spot mine?  I'm hoping they're the most original!!! Go to the contest, sort by recently added and please vote!

My “bakery” is http://support.ontariospca.ca/site/TR/Events/Cupcake13?px=1094257&pg=personal&fr_id=1120 ; if you can, please donate to support the animals at my local shelter!

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