Feb 24, 2013

The albatross around our necks

I received this in my email (thank you Sylvie) and the first time I watched it I was in tears... It's unimaginable how horrible it must feel to die this way: with a "full" belly and yet starving, or bleeding internally. 
So, can this film change how people live and how we deal with garbage in our day-to-day rush-rush world?  Will we finally learn that there is no magical "away" when we throw things away?  It is ALL our backyard and these birds are our neighbours and our canaries in the cave. 
  One person commented that in Holland they have a special word for "trash thrown away on the street or nature":  they call it "roamtrash" and "it will find its way sooner or later to a river and then to the ocean; the womb of all live." -- Peter Smith

"Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time?" my sister asked, and answered, "I hope so, but think not. Very sad."  I'm a little more optimistic and believe that perhaps this film does have the power to inspire us to change.  I’m hoping so!!   Every living thing on the planet is hoping so!!


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