Feb 11, 2013

Busy weekend!

Since we're already into February, I decided I had to put the quilling away and get to some pieces for the doll show I hope to be doing in April.  But first I created a few different bat designs:
Three different bodies and wing shapes...
Then I pulled out a project I started last summer: the cat-fish.  This is a lady cat who originally was going to be transformable from a mermaid to a cat lady, with legs that could be interchanged with a tail.  While a neat idea, I don't think anyone would be willing to pay the price for the piece and store the body parts that weren't in use, so I scrapped it.  Instead, she's going to be a cat in a mermaid costume, inspired by Cher's mermaid costume from the movie "Mermaids".  I'm particularly looking forward to making the head-dress, which could incorporate some quilling elements and perhaps paper mache.  First, though, the cat and here are her two tattoos:  on one leg, near the heel, there's a multi-colored fish while on an inside wrist there is the same fish only now it's a skeleton!  Well, she is a cat! 
In other news, we made brioche today, using that super duper yeast!  Yes, it worked incredibly well again and these spinach-bacon-Vodka a la creme brioche are very yummy!  We accidentally forgot to include the cheese, so we ate it on the side.  This dough is so fluffy and tasty we're going to use it with apples, nuts and cinnamon to make a sweet treat.
My brioche don't look as tidy as these, more like volcanic brains! 

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