Feb 14, 2013

Spreading the Contagion

So I'm reading Pinterest Power and I'm starting a chapter called "Strategies for Social Contagion".  Sounds scary.  I think I have more chance getting a zombie apocalypse started or spreading the plague...  After all, I don't even seem to be able to motivate my too-busy friends to comment on this blog (nudge, nudge).
  And then there's this quote:  "At the most basic level, we are wired to be social and to express ourselves.  Along with this is a core drive to contribute to the world and our community -- and then, in return, to be acknowledged for this contribution.  It's literally in our DNA." -- p.55

Social like a rat?  I'm finding the online social network hard to get a handle on.

Oh, and by the way:  Happy Valentine's Day!  My friend and colleague commented that this should be a day when we remember to love better, forgetting the negative flaws and faux pas of the people we care about.  Wise words, thank you Trish.

And thank you for the dinosaurs!
This is the Valentine button I wore on my t-shirt at work today:  yup, Valentine's Day is not a favorite!  Nevertheless, staff and patrons got a laugh at my "Eat your Heart Out"! 
This awesome image is by Carl Chalupa who is a photographic wiz and I'm especially fond of his Hallowe'en material. I mean, who else could offer up such a great Valentine sentiment?  Enjoy seeing more at Room 57. 

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