Mar 19, 2013

Stand still and breathe

This was my Russel's birthday, but she died a few years ago.  Still miss you, crazy pup!  So I thought this quote very fitting as we continue to walk through life:

Today, if you’re confronting an issue for the ten thousandth time, or feeling that your life is going nowhere, or panicking over how little you’ve achieved, stop and breathe. You’re not falling behind on some linear race through time. You’re walking the labyrinth of life. Yes, you’re meant to move forward, but almost never in a straight line. Yes, there’s an element of achievement, of beginning and ending, but those are minor compared to the element of being here now. In the moments you stop trying to conquer the labyrinth of life and simply inhabit it, you’ll realize it was designed to hold you safe as you explore what feels dangerous. You’ll see that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, meandering along a crooked path that is meant to lead you not onward, but inward.

(This is from Melanie's Facebook page, thank you!)

Also, The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee was recommended to me (thanks again, Melanie!) but right now I REALLY have to concentrate on making critters for the April 28th doll show so I'm going to let this book go.  One thing I am taking from the book, however, is the need to write it down:  Note to self:  PLEASE would you just make a realistic list of what I want to accomplish with the critters this year?  And get off the bloody computer already!

I need to supervise myself, LOL!!!

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